Monday, August 22, 2011

just around the corner

Can hardly believe that this is the last week of "Summer Break"! I don't home school so I can't seem to extend it any longer. School starts Monday whether I am ready or not. I happen to have two girls that can't wait. Emily is starting 3rd grade and Eva will be starting Kindergarten! Camden who could care less about going back to school will be in 5th grade. YIKES, I have all three kids in school this year. Wondering if I will get as much accomplished with work as I hope to!

Well with school just around the corner I am trying to come up with some lunch ideas for the kids. With all three in school this year I can't bear the thought of what we will spend on their lunch accounts. Let alone the thought of how much food just gets thrown away. We don't have a Jamie Oliver at school to reform the lunch line up! Thinking of that does he offer any of us ideas for lunches to send to school for I kiddos? Guess I will have to look that one up.

So I am think I am gonna try a Lunch Menu Idea for the kids. It's an idea I kinda have on paper and just need to see if it will really work out. That way the are involved, and it should help me shop and be a bit more prepared this year. Hopefully no more begging for cold lunch at 7:50 am as we are leaving for school.

I have found some really neat ideas on other blogs, but really I want REAL meals for my kids to take to school. Not works of art that I have to get up early or stay up late to make. They do look like fun, and I may get creative with a cookie cutter, but I need my sleep!

If you have any great ideas please share, and Thanks.

-a crazy blessed mom

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