Monday, August 29, 2011

first days of school 2011 style

Well so far so good, right? I actually managed to make pancakes and eggs this morning for the kids before school. Wanted to try and give them something better for them than the normal box of cereal. I made plenty extra so I could freeze them and get them out other mornings too.

I didn't make them lunch today as they all wanted to eat Pizza at school. Plus it was Eva's first day of kindergarten and she really wanted to use the lunch line.

Thankfully I am pretty busy with office work today or I think my mind would go a little crazy with wondering how all the kids are getting along.

Here's Camden on his first day of 5th grade. Hard to believe he will be ready for middle school the end of this year. Where does the time go!
 So, here is Emily, which this year will go by her nick name "Em" as there is another Emily in her class. She is in 3rd grade this year, and very excited for every minute at school. Ever since Kindergarten she has been set to be a school teacher someday! She is our eager little learner.
 And then there is Miss Eva, our kindergarten princess! She is so excited that her day is finally here, even if I wasn't ready for it I am quite excited with her. I had to hold back my tears today as she has been with me for so long. She is my little office helper, always working beside me, or trying to. Now I guess we can say, she is working at her school office.
 Well, and here is all three kids, that I am so Crazy Blessed to be the MOM of! Well hoping they are all having a wonderful day, and can hardly wait to here what wonderful things happened at school today!

-a crazy blessed mom

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