Monday, January 3, 2011

oh where does the time go!

Did we really just pass into a New Year! I guess with all that is going on I just didn't do anything special to mark the occasion. Hardly feels like a New Year, but my calender says so.

Emily is doing well. each day gets better. Jon and I have to be a little hard on her as she is not drinking her fluids as much as she should. She looks dehydrated but she is still having output, and it is getting clearer. So I don't think we will have to go back into the hospital for IV treatment. She has been running a low grade temp the past few days but nothing higher than 100.5 so the papers they sent home "tell me" not to get to concerned! I can't find our good thermometer, so we are using my moms and I don't like it. Tempted to find a new one, but hate to have to spend the cash if we don't have to.

She moves around very well, to the point I am a little jealous! I never moved that well after any of my C-Sections. We have to remind her that she can't do the things she is used to, as she has no physical activity & can't lift anything over 5lbs for up to 6 weeks.

Hard to believe that it was last Wednesday afternoon when they did her surgery! She will be home with me for this week and as long as all goes well and she is up to returning to school she can next week.

Well, I really do need to get some office work done today. New Year and all got plenty of things to do!

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