Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my emily

We call her Em or Emmy, but mostly Em.

Today at 2pm she went in to surgery at UofI hospitals for her Kidney Refulx. The surgery can be anywhere from 3.5-4 hours.

So I figure as I am waiting I could "blog" ... I haven't kept up for awhile, with blogging that is. So because of that I am starting with a clean slate.

I can't belive that my little girl is in surgery right now. I can send her to school and not even think about her being away from me. She could go to a friends house for hours and I wouldn't once cry because I missed my little girl. Today however, I completly miss her with ever ounce of my being. I wonder what things she is dreaming about, I pray God gives her some great dreams while she is "sleeping".

We keep getting different stories, depending which doctor/nurse that talks to us tells us. She could be home as early as tomorrow after the cath is out. But it could also be a few extra days too. But mostly we have heard tomorrow which seems amazing!

We played Monopoly Deal (the card game) while we waited. Camden was a nice enough big brother to let her borrow it. Camden just got it for a Christmas present and in the few days since Christmas it is the most played game in our house.

Em choose me to be the one to go in with her while they put her off to "sleep". She is such a trooper, she walked all the way back with no fuss. She did get nervous a few minutes after being in the operating room. As soon as they started to put the "equipment" monitors on her is when she really started to question everything. Before she went to "sleep" she did ask me to pray for her, and we said Amen just as her eyes got to heavy to keep open. They let me hug and kiss her before I left the room. I think that was my hardest moment was letting go of her little hand. Granted I would not have lasted standing on my own two feet in there very long. I would have been past out on the floor the moment I say anything.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. You can check my Facebok page for updates or my Twitter account. Trying not to send out to many text messages.

Thank you for all your prayers. -beryl

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