Thursday, December 30, 2010

more on Em: let me explain a little

In case you wanted a little more info on Emily's background prior to surgery here is a little info . . .

Emily was diagnosed with Grade 2 Kidney Reflux (Vesicoureteral Reflux) after a VCUG in October 2009. Prior to that they did an ultrasound and blood work
after having 6 repeat UTI/Kidney infections. Due to those results is when they ordered up the VCUG which confirmed her condition. Since she was thought to
only have Grade 2 Kideny Refulx they put her on a profolactic (Bactrim) she had taken this for over a year now. This past October 2010 we had another
VCUG to see if Emily had grown out of her Kidney Reflux only to find out that she had Grade 4 Kidney Refulx. Mercy ran more blood work and ordered
another Ultrasound and refered us on to the University of Iowa Hospitals. At that appointment we learned that Emily looked to have been under diagnosed in
2009 and had grade 4 Kidney Reflux all along. She has also had three back to back "break through" UTI/Kidney infections the past two months. And with
that/Because of her age they recommend surgery over the Defulx that they sometimes do as it is less invasive and outpatient. Her surgery was Wednesday
12/29. It is called Bilateral Ureteral Reimplantation. In her case her refulx is only on the LEFT side, but in some cases the Right side can also have refulx and
not show the signs of refulx until after the one side has been fixed. During surgery they were able to see that the right side did show signs of reflux (not as
bad as the left) and they were able to fix both sides while they were in surgery.

Hope this info is helpful. I think one of the main reasons our pediatric doctor caught this early (after 6 infections) is because her daughter suffered from Kidney
Refulx and she had done a lot of research on it. Who knows how long it may have gone on if Dr Miller was not up to date and aware of the symptoms.

Emily is on the older in of being diagnosed with Kidney Refulx most children are infants to 2-4 years old, but it is not uncommon.

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