Monday, August 29, 2011

first days of school 2011 style

Well so far so good, right? I actually managed to make pancakes and eggs this morning for the kids before school. Wanted to try and give them something better for them than the normal box of cereal. I made plenty extra so I could freeze them and get them out other mornings too.

I didn't make them lunch today as they all wanted to eat Pizza at school. Plus it was Eva's first day of kindergarten and she really wanted to use the lunch line.

Thankfully I am pretty busy with office work today or I think my mind would go a little crazy with wondering how all the kids are getting along.

Here's Camden on his first day of 5th grade. Hard to believe he will be ready for middle school the end of this year. Where does the time go!
 So, here is Emily, which this year will go by her nick name "Em" as there is another Emily in her class. She is in 3rd grade this year, and very excited for every minute at school. Ever since Kindergarten she has been set to be a school teacher someday! She is our eager little learner.
 And then there is Miss Eva, our kindergarten princess! She is so excited that her day is finally here, even if I wasn't ready for it I am quite excited with her. I had to hold back my tears today as she has been with me for so long. She is my little office helper, always working beside me, or trying to. Now I guess we can say, she is working at her school office.
 Well, and here is all three kids, that I am so Crazy Blessed to be the MOM of! Well hoping they are all having a wonderful day, and can hardly wait to here what wonderful things happened at school today!

-a crazy blessed mom

Monday, August 22, 2011

just around the corner

Can hardly believe that this is the last week of "Summer Break"! I don't home school so I can't seem to extend it any longer. School starts Monday whether I am ready or not. I happen to have two girls that can't wait. Emily is starting 3rd grade and Eva will be starting Kindergarten! Camden who could care less about going back to school will be in 5th grade. YIKES, I have all three kids in school this year. Wondering if I will get as much accomplished with work as I hope to!

Well with school just around the corner I am trying to come up with some lunch ideas for the kids. With all three in school this year I can't bear the thought of what we will spend on their lunch accounts. Let alone the thought of how much food just gets thrown away. We don't have a Jamie Oliver at school to reform the lunch line up! Thinking of that does he offer any of us ideas for lunches to send to school for I kiddos? Guess I will have to look that one up.

So I am think I am gonna try a Lunch Menu Idea for the kids. It's an idea I kinda have on paper and just need to see if it will really work out. That way the are involved, and it should help me shop and be a bit more prepared this year. Hopefully no more begging for cold lunch at 7:50 am as we are leaving for school.

I have found some really neat ideas on other blogs, but really I want REAL meals for my kids to take to school. Not works of art that I have to get up early or stay up late to make. They do look like fun, and I may get creative with a cookie cutter, but I need my sleep!

If you have any great ideas please share, and Thanks.

-a crazy blessed mom

Monday, January 3, 2011

oh where does the time go!

Did we really just pass into a New Year! I guess with all that is going on I just didn't do anything special to mark the occasion. Hardly feels like a New Year, but my calender says so.

Emily is doing well. each day gets better. Jon and I have to be a little hard on her as she is not drinking her fluids as much as she should. She looks dehydrated but she is still having output, and it is getting clearer. So I don't think we will have to go back into the hospital for IV treatment. She has been running a low grade temp the past few days but nothing higher than 100.5 so the papers they sent home "tell me" not to get to concerned! I can't find our good thermometer, so we are using my moms and I don't like it. Tempted to find a new one, but hate to have to spend the cash if we don't have to.

She moves around very well, to the point I am a little jealous! I never moved that well after any of my C-Sections. We have to remind her that she can't do the things she is used to, as she has no physical activity & can't lift anything over 5lbs for up to 6 weeks.

Hard to believe that it was last Wednesday afternoon when they did her surgery! She will be home with me for this week and as long as all goes well and she is up to returning to school she can next week.

Well, I really do need to get some office work done today. New Year and all got plenty of things to do!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

more on Em: let me explain a little

In case you wanted a little more info on Emily's background prior to surgery here is a little info . . .

Emily was diagnosed with Grade 2 Kidney Reflux (Vesicoureteral Reflux) after a VCUG in October 2009. Prior to that they did an ultrasound and blood work
after having 6 repeat UTI/Kidney infections. Due to those results is when they ordered up the VCUG which confirmed her condition. Since she was thought to
only have Grade 2 Kideny Refulx they put her on a profolactic (Bactrim) she had taken this for over a year now. This past October 2010 we had another
VCUG to see if Emily had grown out of her Kidney Reflux only to find out that she had Grade 4 Kidney Refulx. Mercy ran more blood work and ordered
another Ultrasound and refered us on to the University of Iowa Hospitals. At that appointment we learned that Emily looked to have been under diagnosed in
2009 and had grade 4 Kidney Reflux all along. She has also had three back to back "break through" UTI/Kidney infections the past two months. And with
that/Because of her age they recommend surgery over the Defulx that they sometimes do as it is less invasive and outpatient. Her surgery was Wednesday
12/29. It is called Bilateral Ureteral Reimplantation. In her case her refulx is only on the LEFT side, but in some cases the Right side can also have refulx and
not show the signs of refulx until after the one side has been fixed. During surgery they were able to see that the right side did show signs of reflux (not as
bad as the left) and they were able to fix both sides while they were in surgery.

Hope this info is helpful. I think one of the main reasons our pediatric doctor caught this early (after 6 infections) is because her daughter suffered from Kidney
Refulx and she had done a lot of research on it. Who knows how long it may have gone on if Dr Miller was not up to date and aware of the symptoms.

Emily is on the older in of being diagnosed with Kidney Refulx most children are infants to 2-4 years old, but it is not uncommon.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

my emily

We call her Em or Emmy, but mostly Em.

Today at 2pm she went in to surgery at UofI hospitals for her Kidney Refulx. The surgery can be anywhere from 3.5-4 hours.

So I figure as I am waiting I could "blog" ... I haven't kept up for awhile, with blogging that is. So because of that I am starting with a clean slate.

I can't belive that my little girl is in surgery right now. I can send her to school and not even think about her being away from me. She could go to a friends house for hours and I wouldn't once cry because I missed my little girl. Today however, I completly miss her with ever ounce of my being. I wonder what things she is dreaming about, I pray God gives her some great dreams while she is "sleeping".

We keep getting different stories, depending which doctor/nurse that talks to us tells us. She could be home as early as tomorrow after the cath is out. But it could also be a few extra days too. But mostly we have heard tomorrow which seems amazing!

We played Monopoly Deal (the card game) while we waited. Camden was a nice enough big brother to let her borrow it. Camden just got it for a Christmas present and in the few days since Christmas it is the most played game in our house.

Em choose me to be the one to go in with her while they put her off to "sleep". She is such a trooper, she walked all the way back with no fuss. She did get nervous a few minutes after being in the operating room. As soon as they started to put the "equipment" monitors on her is when she really started to question everything. Before she went to "sleep" she did ask me to pray for her, and we said Amen just as her eyes got to heavy to keep open. They let me hug and kiss her before I left the room. I think that was my hardest moment was letting go of her little hand. Granted I would not have lasted standing on my own two feet in there very long. I would have been past out on the floor the moment I say anything.

Well, I am going to sign off for now. You can check my Facebok page for updates or my Twitter account. Trying not to send out to many text messages.

Thank you for all your prayers. -beryl